Thinking of rooting your Galaxy S6 or S6 edge? Don’t, or you’ll lose this important feature

Samsung just released two great smartphones earlier this month, the Galaxy S6 and the S6 edge, which have been selling like hot cakes. Even though Samsung has cut down on a bunch of bloatware in the newer version of TouchWiz, some people are still rooting their new devices in order to disable apps that can’t be normally turned off. However, we advise you to refrain from rooting your device, as it will disable Samsung Pay, just like KNOX. When you root your device, the integrity gets breached, which is necessary for important and sensitive features like mobile payments.

If you think that Samsung Pay is of no use to you, think again. Samsung Pay debuted with the Galaxy S6, and makes use of your fingerprint to authorize payments through your smartphone at payment gateways. Just like Apple Pay you would think, but that is not the case. Samsung Pay is better than its competitors – Apple Pay and Android Pay – as it is compatible with MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) as well as NFC based payment systems.

MST is a technology that allows you to pay from your smartphone on almost any magnetic stripe payment gateway – that little payment terminal where you swipe your regular credit or debit card. When you tap an MST capable device on the side of the payment terminal, the magnetic stripe code of your debit or credit card is transferred to the gateway, and the register inside the terminal thinks that you’ve swiped your card.

Samsung acquired LoopPay in February, in order to use MST in the Galaxy S6 and the S6 edge, and in the future, we’ll see more Samsung devices making use of Samsung Pay. Even though LoopPay’s idea was better, they initially failed because they were trying to sell cases for iPhones which were embedded with MST, and they didn’t look great. However, now that Samsung’s devices are embedded with that technology, the adoption would be much better.

Samsung Pay will make its debut in the US and Korea this year, and will expand to other countries soon. Samsung has tied up with MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Bank of America, Citi, JPMorgan Chase, and U.S. Bank to work with Samsung Pay. The South Korean smartphone giant is even working to tie up with CITIC, which is the largest financial institution in China and Hong Kong, for Samsung Pay.

Right now, it is estimated that less than 300,000 merchants in the US who accept NFC-based payments, and this number is quite small. While Apple is trying hard to make retailers and merchants upgrade their payment gateways, it will still take a few more years when every major merchant does that, and this is just about the US. Think about other developing regions in the world. At this point of time, Samsung Pay is a much better payment system if you want to use your smartphone for making payments.


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1 year 9 months ago

I own a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and have rooted it with PingPong Root 3 days after getting it. PingPong Root bypasses Knox therefore meaning that it doesn’t trip the Knox counter and Samsung Pay will work fine.

Be warned though that any other method of Rooting does trip the Knox counter and once that counter has been activated you can’t go back as it actually blows a small fuse in the device which is designed to not damage your device but keep the Knox counter active no matter what.

At the end of the day its everyone’s choice what they do and don’t do with their phone, after all they’re the ones paying for it. I’m happy with root on mine but I do realise that once the update arrives I may not be able to root it again without activating the Knox counter and I don’t think I quite need root enough to decide to do that but who knows. I’ve rooted many devices, some of which had to have bootloaders unlocked voiding warranty and some didn’t it’s all down to how much you need root or even if you do really need it as I’m sure some people just tell themselves they need it when they don’t, and some people do it just to look nerdy. At the end of the day its your choice.

2 years 7 days ago

I want to be the administrator of my own machine if I pay 800€+. Root is just that. Knox flag is abusive. At least on an iPhone we can root (or jailbreak) and still revert it just by restoring.

2 years 7 days ago

I know pretty well about the mess Samsung has done…. I own an SM-G900H (Exynos S5), the S6 and S6 Edge are Exynos devices too. No exploit has been found for the Exynos devices to be able to “root” without tripping the Knox flag (since the S5 at least), as was the case with Snapdragons (Qualcomm) (remember towelroot?).
Besides, Samsung hasn’t realeased a complete Kernel Source code, that’s why CyanogenMod was never released for the SM-G900H, so I expect the same will happen to the S6 (including Edge).
I haven’t rooted my phone and I really miss backing up app data & running Xposed framework and apps like Greenify (the version that runs without root is not as good as the root one).
It’s not only about removing bloat.
Samsung should change it’s stance regarding root, simply advice customers about the risks and let them decide, it shouldn’t void the warranty, and that’s even more important on a device where you can’t change batteries easily, back on the S3 days, there were marvelous kernels and ways to disable wakelocks, it’s all history now for the Exynos devices (S5, S6, S6 Edge).

2 years 8 days ago

There is already a root for the gs6 but not the Note 4 retail? Das messed up

2 years 8 days ago

Well I’ll leave the opinion if it’s a good idea to root or not to the end user, but it’s a good idea for Samsung to disable Samsung Pay and Knox on root. Some users might not be happy about it, but it’s a smart idea to cut out any potential security holes having your phone rooted could pose.

2 years 8 days ago

Apple’s Fingerprint reader, and associated functions work under jailbreak conditions, a concern Apple addressed at launch. Google Wallet works under root, despite changing status to not supported. By Samsung disabling this under root, it makes it look like it is not as secure. I plan to root mine, and hope to countinue to Google Wallet for payments.

2 years 8 days ago

Did you forget the early trouble people hit with Apple Pay and Jailbreak? Not to mention the bootloop many faced while using Touch ID / passcode while being Jailbroken?

Yes, now it works but there is a good reason why it is risky to do any financial transaction, let alone wallet NFC payments on Jailbroken iPhone or rooted Android phone.
MasterCard and VISA will not officially allow Payment service unless Samsung ensured that the Samsung Pay did not work when devices are in compromised insecure state. So Dont say shame on Samsung. And it is not the fault of Visa or MasterCard either to want to ensure that such transaction happens only when phone is not tampered.

There might be a workaround for this down the line by the developers just like the fix was developed for iPhone by the jailbreak community. But do not expect fix to come from Samsung. In fact, if I wanted root access badly, I will ensure I do not use that mobile device for NFC or Wallet Payments.

2 years 8 days ago

Only if it’s supported in your country, else it’s just a feature.

2 years 8 days ago

MST is supported in more than 90% of countries. It works with all the normal magnetic strip payment systems currently in use. That is what completely sets it apart from apple and android pay.

2 years 8 days ago

I’ve heard that MST isn’t included in Indian version of S6 and S6 Edge, so the 90% support for the tech is of no use in India.

2 years 8 days ago

You’ll need root for running a firewall. Otherwise, you have no control of what apps connect where. Disabling features for rooted users is an ant-feature. Shame on you Samsung.

2 years 8 days ago

I’ll choose a device I own over a wallet I don’t.

In any case, if there is any real demand to be able to use this feature on a rooted device, I think there will be a developer out there who will make it happen :P

2 years 8 days ago

The only reason I stiil root my android devices is to be able to airplay music to my ariplay receiver using AirAudio. Make Airplay available w/o rooting and it is the end of rooting for me.

2 years 8 days ago

Why should I keep this feature? I’ll root it instead!

1 year 11 months ago

Who cares actually?

I both want and need root due to anti-theft apps and removing bloats etc.

2 years 8 days ago

Do what you want,, it´s just a suggestion.

2 years 8 days ago

Everything is new in this phone why would i root it!

2 years 8 days ago

to disable bloatware. features that are not used by those who root it,…