Samsung patent substitutes fingers for eyes, implements eye-tracking movements

We’ve uncovered the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 that Samsung may reveal later this year, and we noted a week ago that the company intends to bring iris-on-the-move (IoM) technology to the new device. Stanford Research Institute (SRI) referred to the tablet as “this new model,” leading us to believe that the tablet will be announced in the coming weeks and months.

For now, however, we’re back with more details on Samsung’s courtship with iris recognition technology. According to a patent submitted by Samsung in March 2013 and published by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) this week, Samsung intends to implement eye-tracking technology into future devices – not only smartphones and tablets, but even its Smart TVs and PCs. The patent refers to “an operation of a display device using eye movements,” specifically “blinking information” processed by a device’s motion sensors when an individual opens and closes his or her eyes quickly.

Eye movements would replaces finger touches on the display: one could close his or her eyes for a few seconds to close a window or page, a quick close-open eye movement would allow an on-screen cursor to click on a box, word, or link, and a long close would involve keeping one’s eyes closed for a certain length of time.

If you’ve ever had doubts that Samsung wants to bring iris recognition technology to the consumer market, it is hopeful that this patent will dissolve that doubt. While the second-generation Tab Pro 8.4 tablet may be headed to the worldwide market, it just may find iris recognition tech onboard when it lands.

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LMAO My eyes would get blind by blinking that much for clicks. i do not like it.


not a good idea to use eye gestures. iris recognition is good. but for gestures to work wearing a glass is the better option.