Samsung in “full recovery phase,” will release Q1 2015 earnings on Tuesday

Q1 2015 has ended, and Samsung’s Galaxy S6  and S6 edge are ahead of the HTC One M9 (its only 2015 competitor for now) in benchmarks and GPU performance. Tuesday, however, will prove to be another major milestone for the company: the day that the Korean manufacturer will release its Q1 2015 earnings. Bloomberg News has already told of Samsung’s $11 billion-dollar month of March, and now Reuters has a few numbers of its own to toss into expectations regarding Samsung’s Q1 earnings announcement.

According to the publication, Samsung’s shares soared to the highest levels they’ve been in the last 21 months (nearly 2 years), with an 8.6 % rise in the company’s stock as a result of the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge announcement. We’re also told in the report that, as famous/infamous site DigiTimes said a few days ago, Samsung has now nabbed Tegra K processor manufacturer Nvidia Corp. as a client, and Qualcomm may be around the corner since the Snapdragon 815 doesn’t exist and Qualcomm doesn’t seem to have an SoC manufactured to take its place at the moment (outside of the troubling Snapdragon 810).

LS Asset Management fund manager Park Sung-jae and BNP Paribas analyst Peter Yu have used the same word with regard to Samsung’s comeback – “recovery.” Recovery may be a fitting word for now, but Samsung’s earnings at the end of 2015 may require a more explosive word. For now, we’ll have to patiently await the company’s Tuesday announcement.


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