The Gear VR works on the Galaxy Note 4 Exynos model on Android 5.0

Samsung is pretty serious about making it big in the virtual reality market and made a big deal out of the Gear VR, the virtual reality headset it developed in partnership with Oculur Rift. The Gear VR works in tandem with a smartphone to offer a virtual reality experience to users, and was launched alongside the Galaxy Note 4 last year.

However, as users of the Exynos version of the Galaxy Note 4 noticed, the Gear VR failed to work with this particular model, despite being powered by Samsung’s own mobile processor. It’s a limitation the Korean manufacturer no doubt knew about but didn’t do anything to fix, as the Gear VR is only available in the US and some parts of Europe, where it’s mostly the Snapdragon variant that’s available for sale.

However, with Android 5.0, Samsung is finally adding support for the headset to the Exynos model of the Galaxy Note 4, something our insider has confirmed. Of course, it’s still hard to get the Gear VR due to its limited availability, but the support for the Exynos model is a good sign that Samsung could be expanding availability of the headset to more markets in the near future, possibly after the Lollipop upgrade has been rolled out to everyone (the Exynos model has received the update in South Korea.)

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