Unlocked Galaxy S4 gets Lollipop update in France

Samsung’s been busy these days with not only new phone announcements but also the rollout of Google’s latest OS update, Android 5.0 Lollipop. Android manufacturers compete with one another to see who’ll roll out Google’s latest the fastest, and, in the past, Samsung’s rollout hasn’t satisfied a number of consumers.

Well, Android 5.0 has changed all that. Samsung started releasing Lollipop for its devices just 31 days after Google announced the OS update. Not bad, Samsung. First, the Galaxy S5 received Lollipop, with Poland receiving a few updates before Lollipop made its way to Russia, Spain, Malaysia, and then the UK. Just last month, Verizon became the first carrier in the US to distribute Lollipop to its Galaxy S5 customers on February 2nd.

Despite the UK being the only European country to receive Lollipop, Samsung hasn’t forgotten about Europe’s other countries. France is up next on the list to receive Lollipop.

The latest news in the never-ending Samsung Lollipop rollout comes from tech site TalkAndroid, who says that unlocked Galaxy S4 models (not carrier versions) in France are now receiving their taste of Google’s latest sweet treat. The update, carrying version number 7.18.531.2, will take up 729.59MB of space. This update is far smaller in size than the UK’s 3GB Lollipop update and US carrier Verizon’s 1.7GB Lollipop update for Galaxy S5 customers.

Android 5.0 brings 3D animations, an improved drop-down notification window in “card” layout, lock screen notifications, card-like task manager with all apps appearing in the same place, battery stats that show battery time left rather than running battery time, Google’s new Material Design language, and a “Flappy Bird” easter egg, among others. Go ahead: head on over to your system update settings to get the update that has become a bragging right for Android users.

Have you downloaded the Lollipop update? What cosmetic changes do you see that you like? What changes are made that you dislike? Do your thing in the comments.


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