Samsung Galaxy S6 Active to feature a 5.5-inch screen, test units suggest

Samsung’s release of the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy S5 Active last year left tech analysts and fans confused. Both devices were water-resistant, with the Galaxy S5 Active being more resistant when compared to the Galaxy S5. Many asked the question, “Why release two water-resistant devices?” Upon Samsung’s recent announcement of the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge, a number of Galaxy S5 consumers expressed their frustration with Samsung for ditching water resistance in its most popular Galaxy device.

And yet, some tech voices said, “Sit back and wait…Samsung will release a Galaxy S6 Active.” Well, The water-resistant Galaxy S6 model may be on the way, if recent leaks tell us anything.

Just three days ago, mobile tech leakster @upleaks provided information regarding a new Samsung smartphone, which he believes to be the Galaxy S6 Active for American carrier AT&T. The new device, bearing the model number SM-G890A, seems to be the successor to the Galaxy S5 Active (SM-G870A). Samsung’s Galaxy S6 model number is SM-G920. The “A” at the end of the suspicious smartphone’s model number could be the letter for a water-resistant Galaxy S6 variant that’s headed to AT&T.

Now, Zauba, a well-known import/export tracking site, offers additional information about Samsung’s upcoming device. According to the leaked report, the new device is a “mobile phone” with a screen size of 5.5 inches (“S.S 5.5”). Interestingly enough, the report also says that there are two shipments, one with 15 phones and another with 5 phones, and that these are for testing and evaluation purposes rather than for sale. It’s no surprise that manufacturers test their smartphones before they’re available – at least we’d hope so.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active SM-G890A

The Galaxy S4 Active was the first water-resistant smartphone in the Galaxy S line. Samsung’s decision to bring water resistance to the Galaxy S5 last year was highly motivated, and if the Galaxy S6 Active rumors and leaks are genuine, then we now have a more detailed look into Samsung’s desire to differentiate its smartphone lineup. Samsung’s decision to make the S6 Active the only water-resistant device in its lineup, perhaps at a more affordable price point, could appease consumers who’d love to have a new device that is reminiscent of the Galaxy S5.

As for the consumer market at large, rumors swirling around Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6s reveal that Cupertino may be rethinking the whole “water resistance” idea and include the feature in its future smartphones. The inspiration for water resistance has come from Japanese manufacturer Sony, who is going an extra mile by enabling water resistance in the upcoming Xperia Z4 without using irritating plastic flaps to protect the ports on the device.

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