Galaxy S6 official accessories include covers, external battery pack and new colors for Level On headphones

Now that Samsung has unveiled its two new smartphones we can keep counting down the days until they will finally be available for purchase, mark April 10th on your calendars, if you haven’t already. Samsung will also offer official accessories for the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge, even though there are a plethora of companies out there creating accessories for these smartphones, these include an external battery pack that’s shaped like the S6, two new kinds of covers as well as two color options for the Level On headphones.

One of the covers has a clear back which lets you see through to the actual color of the device itself. The other doesn’t have a clear back so it would be best to choose a color that goes with that of your Galaxy S6. Samsung will also offer an external battery pack that’s shaped like the Galaxy S6. It will come in handy in situations where you need the extra charge. Since the latest smartphones don’t have removable batteries this accessory becomes a must for those who just can’t live without backup power. Last but not the least the Level On headphones from Samsung receive two new color options, blue and red, which go well with the new devices.

galaxy-s6-clear-case galaxy-s6-color-case galaxy-s6-external-power-pack level-on-blue-red

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