The Galaxy S6 might feature front-facing stereo speakers

Samsung might have just posted a deeply curated teaser about their upcoming Galaxy S6, but the company’s Norwegian wing seems to be a little impatient on posting information about the phone. Samsung Norway just posted a couple of rumours that have been floating around on the web, which is something you don’t really get to see everyday. Now, there are a couple of possibilities. One, Samsung Norway is either poking fun at the rumors (and thus the creators), or two, the company’s actually acknowledging them.

The rumors, by the way, have to do with the Galaxy S6 featuring dual front-facing speakers, having a durable body and lastly a screen that reaches on to three sides. We’re pretty certain of #2 here; i.e., the Galaxy S6 will most certainly have a metal body. A three-way curved screen isn’t something that we’ve imagined on the S6 Edge, so we assume it would be safe dissing that bit for now. About front-facing stereo speakers, as much as we’d like to see them grace the Galaxy S6, it appears like a bit of a stretch when you take into consideration the leaked renders.

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