Samsung introduces eMMC 5.1 based flash memory

Samsung has introduced the first eMMC 5.1 flash memory chips approved by JEDEC, its a standard’s group for the semiconductor industry, it builds up on the eMMC or embedded multimedia card memory standard which provides high performance at low-cost. eMMC succeeded MMC or MultiMediaCard standard that was particularly popular with PDAs and digital cameras. This standard brings together the NAND and controller in a device on a single small package located on the logic board thus taking up less space without losing performance.

The company’s new line-up of eMMC 5.1 chips come in 64GB, 32GB and 16GB flavors with the 64GB chip providing maximum speed of 250 MB/s for sequential data reading and 125 MB/s for sequential writes. For random read and write Samsung promises up to 11,000 IOPS and 13,000 IOPS or input/output operations per second with the 64GB eMMC 5.1 memory , this is approximately seven and 26 times faster when compared to conventional microSD cards that offer 1,500 IOPS and 500 IOPS. eMMC 5.1’s first commend queue fuction will also enable seamless multitasking as well as the streaming and playback of Ultra High Definition video. Samsung’s new chips also bring Secure Write Protection which ensures that only selected users can access secured areas of the eMMC storage.

Samsung has not only revealed the first memory chips based on eMMC 5.1 but it is now also in the process of shipping these chips which will make their way to smartphone and tablet OEMs.



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