New Samsung payment system debuting with Galaxy S6 confirmed by Korean media

Samsung is often wont to go after Apple when it comes to some major features. We saw the Korean manufacturer implement a fingerprint sensor in its flagships after Apple introduced it in the iPhone, and we recently exclusively leaked details on Samsung’s new payment system and that it is working with VISA to make it great for consumers. Now, the Korean media is reiterating that the Galaxy S6 will indeed introduce us to Samsung’s Apple Pay competitor, which will be based on the LoopPay technology.

Samsung is reportedly adding advanced authentication methods using the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S6 – we had confirmed earlier that the S6 would feature a touch-based fingerprint scanner, and it would certainly add to the intuitiveness of Samsung’s payment feature. It has been rumored that LoopPay is making payment enabled cases for existing Galaxy devices like the Galaxy S5 and Note 4, and we will likely see LoopPay and Samsung’s collaboration for the payment system come to the fore with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.


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2 years 2 months ago

Just what we need… another payment method that lucky to work anywhere

2 years 2 months ago

Samsung has had a wallet since before Google Wallet came out in the works. Their program to sign up businesses, CC companies, coupon companies, etc started back in 2010. They have had for a long time their own Banking and Insurance Companies. Not to mention I think at least 7 credit cards in Samsung Card for different purposes. Being one of the first to include NFC in Galaxy series phones, I’ve been making payments online and in store since my Galaxy SII in 2011. But…. in all reality Samsung was making and selling NFC phones at least in Japan, since 2008. You Japan??? …that country that’s been using NFC to pay since around 2002! ……and quite frankly we don’t care whether YOU think you don’t need another payment method….. the over 600 Million Galaxy series smartphone users in this World…. do!!!

Since now with KNOX 2.0, with Samsung Card (CC cards), NFC (in Samsung devices since 2010), Samsung Wallet and their upcoming Finger/Handprint Sensor Combination Lock on this new method of payment is basically unhackable. Using ARM Trustzone and NSA’s Secure Linux Kernel along with the only multilayered security technology really worthy of praise….. in IBM 2 fold remote authentication in their “Cell Security” equipped Mainframe Transaction Servers!!! ….so you can keep paying with plastic all the information on it crook needs to rob you blind if lost or stolen!!!

2 years 2 months ago

How can these supposedly Samsung dedicated writers be so ignorant? I mean it was just so obvious that the only reason that CrApple bought “Authentic” out from under all their competition, was to prevent Samsung from including an Authentic TOUCH SENSOR in the Home Button or side. Which they had already patented in 2011. That was 8 months before GS3 Launched and Samsung already had software in GS3′s OS firmware. Discovered while Devs at XDA, digging into it the following year before iPhone 5s even launched.

Fact is that Samsung had been using Authentic Touch ID sensors on Secure Access door locks since they launched in 2004 and those fingerprint spoof papers had been written up. But it was unproven even though Samsung’s Enterprise and Government Door Lock customers were using them. Actually Samsung’s use of biometrics goes back to 2002 in both secure access door locks, security systems and Authentic’s Swipe sensors in Pro Notebook computers. HP and other companies were using them in Notebooks too.

Motorola was the first to put an “Authentic” sensor in a smartphone. It’s really almost like this writer here on a dedicated Samsung site, is really backdoor funded to pay Appleholics to discredit Samsung and manipulate the truth to put Apple ahead. It’s all LIES….. iLies sponsored by CrApple, because they don’t spend near the money on R&D and innovation as Samsung does in SAIT (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology) and Techwin. Apple is a novice in R&D with most of it bought or stolen from their competitors like Samsung and LG!!! …..10 times more and better than the iTrinket will ever be at R&D and CAPEX spent on their own factories. Instead of only investing in say…. Foxconn’s robotics and the buns up Sapphire Glass Company!!! Go Work for Apple directly instead of being cheap silent cell spy here!!!