According to a Vodafone website, the S6 Edge will be called ‘Galaxy S Edge’

Numerous rumours and leaks have pointed at a dual-edged variant of the upcoming Galaxy S6 that could be in the works for a release later this year. Samsung’s first phone of this kind, the Galaxy Note Edge, was initially dissed by the critics, but the one-sided curve on the screen actually seemed to have caught the fancy of quite a few around the globe soon, and that’s maybe why Samsung isn’t afraid of investing in another phone of the like. According to a Vodafone website, the dual-edged screen version of the Galaxy S6 that we’re talking about — earlier believed to be the Galaxy S6 Edge — will be known simply as the Galaxy S Edge. Now, that might not make a lot of sense at first, but when you go to think of it, the Note Edge too lacks the ‘4’ in the name, which suggests Samsung thinks of it as a completely different phone rather than just a Note 4 variant.


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