Galaxy S6’s purported early release is Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ benefit

It gets a little more obvious that 2014 wasn’t the best year for the established smartphone brands, as more and more numbers from last year show up. This however seems to be changing for good, at least for Samsung. Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEM), the company’s OMS division, has reported a bump in sales of OIS and non-OIS enabled cameras, including the high-end 20-megapixel sensors. ETNews, citing industry insiders, reports that SEM’s key businesses are fast catching up speed, due to the expected early release of the next big thing, i.e., the Galaxy S6. The report also goes on to mention that the division didn’t do too well around the same time last year, but thanks to an increase in proportion of high-value products, the company is seeing greater sales as well as profits.

While SEM had a hard time last year, they improved their production efficiency and revamped their organization to a considerable extent. As SEC’s smartphone market share is rebounding, the performance of SEM, which supplies key materials and parts to SEC, will improve as well,” adds a securities analyst, as quoted in the report.



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Let´s face it: Huawei and other manufacturers make great devices for a cheaper price. For example the Mate 7. This is an awesome looking device with highend hardware for a really good price. If samsung continues making this E5,E7, etc devices with low end specs for an unbelievably high price of 300€, they will lose more and more market share. And this years smartphones were all (except the Note Edge) ugly and useless. Maybe it is good that Samsung loses customers, because then they try to change something and give more effort in producing their phones like they did with… Read more »


i thought note 4 looked awesome. but s5 was really ugly