Report: Galaxy Note Edge coming to Verizon networks this Thursday

Although end users aren’t usually the most keen people on Earth on knowing the difference between the GSM and CDMA technologies, that is most often the differentiating factor on whether a carrier gets a specific device or not. In this case, we’re talking about the Galaxy Note Edge, which has yet to make an appearance on Verizon’s CDMA networks. If you’re one among those Verizon subscribers that have been waiting patiently for some curved goodness, well, you’re in for some good news. Although this isn’t particularly official as yet, but the Galaxy Note Edge will launch on Verizon networks on the 8th of January i.e., coming Thursday, according to an alleged leak by a prolific source.

The leak goes on to suggest that the Note Edge will be on offer for US$399 with a 2 year contract, costing US$33.32/month. To get it off-contract, you’ll have to shell out US$799, which as Android Authority points out, still turns out cheaper than T-Mobile’s offering which stands at US$870. As always, we reckon you don’t wait with bated breath for this one, since an official announcement is yet to be made!


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