Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) receiving another Android 5.0 Lollipop update in Poland

Samsung just started officially rolling out Android 5.0 Lollipop update to the Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) in Europe, mainly Poland, two weeks ago. Today, the Korean giant has pushed yet another Lollipop update to Polish Galaxy S5 users, it’s mainly a stability and performance update. This update is probably an indication that Samsung is about to release Android 5.0 update in other European countries too. When dealing with major Android upgrades, Samsung usually beta tests its software in Poland or Germany, before releasing it to the masses.

To update your Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) to the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop update, connect your device to your computer and use Samsung Kies 3. You won’t be able to update it via OTA, because Samsung has not yet pushed the new firmware to its FOTA servers. UPDATE: Now available via OTA! To download and install the firmware via FOTA, go to Settings > System > About Device > Software update > Update.

Firmware Details:

Model: SM-G900F
Model name: GALAXY S5
Country: Poland
Version: Android 5.0
Changelist: 3548824
Build date:  Thu, 11 Dec 2014 05:12:37 +0000
Product Code: XEO

All new Android 5.0 Lollipop firmwares for the Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) are available for download on our Firmware Portal as well. You can use our Firmware Portal to manually update your device, if for some reason you can’t officially update your device via Samsung Kies or via OTA as you might be running a custom ROM or if your country has not yet received the Lollipop update.



Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 00.43.12

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1 year 10 months ago

900f it is 100 times better than 900h

2 years 3 months ago

I can´t finde how add users in 900f with lollipo 5.0, Its,s a bug?

2 years 3 months ago

hey what’s up with Samsung why you can not give out a working firmware. My screen goes after 3-5 seconds when I open the S View Cover. Bluetooth Abstürtze are available. And the phone off the display will not do more though. And especially when it intends to roll out Lollipop times for Germany. I can only hope with a new build version. Real sucks.

2 years 3 months ago

kiram tu namuset samsung sm-g900h ha ridan be esmo rasmet ba in android erae kardanet

2 years 3 months ago

Awesome apps from Philippines, Manila I’m using now android 5.0 lollipop to my Samsung S5 I did it successfully just Jan. 1 2015, thanks a lot to the youtube and sammobile happy new year to every one…..

2 years 4 months ago

Do this update work on all sm-g900f? I am from Slovenia and I have sm-g900f but I dont want to brick it. Thanks for help.

jobin msj
2 years 4 months ago

when releasing samsung galaxy s5 sm-g900h android 5.0 lollipop

2 years 4 months ago

PLEASE can anyone help me? How to set my phone to silent? Where did silent mode go?

2 years 4 months ago

Silent doesnt exist on 5.0 lollipop..but its coming back on 5.0.1 lollipop. Just put it on (DO NOT INTERRUPT)..thats the only way to not recieve calls or messages atm

2 years 4 months ago

Im from macedonia carier locket on t mobile s5 can i update to lollipop

2 years 4 months ago

G900F android 5.0 lag lag lag. bug bug

2 years 4 months ago

when we will get the android l on SM-G900w8

2 years 4 months ago

For all who have been tested and tried this new 5.0 on S5 does your FB and FB messenger works perfectly ? Because mine is not perfectly fine. My FB always stopped whenever I start using it. And on my FB messenger I can’t use my free call. It always hang for 2-3mins and then not responding.

2 years 4 months ago

In this newer release..all issues have been addressed. Everything is working fine. No mute mode..but its been replaced with this new “interruption” will say (ALL) in the notification panel. I actually like 5.0 better than Kitkat..the animations are great..battery is about the same..and the best part..the note 4 fingerprint scanner is accurate as hell. The lockscreen notifications can be disabled or be used..but hiding sensitive info(MEANING YOU WILL GET A NOTIFICATION ON THE LOCKSCREEN SAYING WHERE IT CAME FROM AND SENSITIVE)its perfect cuz i don’t need my personal stuff out there like that. I will flash my countries original 5.0 (NEE NORDIC) once its released..that way i can continue to use Kies in the future.

2 years 4 months ago

I installed the first 5.0 and I did not like the fact it said ‘LTE’ and not ’4G’

But more importantly I did not like the fact it had lots of Polish Apps!

Does this version have those extra apps? If so, can they be removed??


2 years 4 months ago

Disable them..its just as good as deleting them.

2 years 4 months ago

Lollipop battery life same as KitKat. But Lollipop battery life should be better than the KitKat.
We can not see Lollipop Project Volta (and ART) advantages for battery life on Touchwiz.

2 years 4 months ago

LMFAO..these people..impatient as hell. I remember the issue Sammy had with the GS3 upgrading to 4.3..that was a disaster..So im not stressing over them taking their time to do it right. Other companies are in the same boat. Sammy did a controlled release (like always) they are gonna push this release to other EU countries (assuming)..with less if any bugs. FB is working correctly..amongst other things that were a bit “off” on the first XEO release. im gonna wait for them to push this for my G900F NEE(NORDIC). Complainers, why don’t you guys just jump ship and go with another android company..or just go with apple..the rest that flashed this version onto their G900F´s..your feed back is greatly appreciated.

maged kamal lotfy
2 years 4 months ago

I didn’t find any different

Udayanga Sampath
2 years 4 months ago

After this update facebook app is working fine and phone is workking smoothly like 4.4.2 If they fixed-mm-qcamera-daemon-battery-draining-bug?

2 years 4 months ago

That’s user problem

2 years 4 months ago

im using 5.0 since the poland release and im fine with all app except facebook (decided to uninstall until it get an update on my tab to material design) so you did something wrong bro :D

2 years 4 months ago

if you delete the .art/.dex file /data/dalvik-cache/arm/*facebook.katana* it will launch – seems something happens during the oat conversion when it’s installed.

2 years 4 months ago

good Night
I’m from Portugal and installed it on my S5 today.
Great innovation and Samsung progress.
5 *

2 years 4 months ago

Worked? Im from portugal too and I want to install, I though it didnt work because of the country

2 years 4 months ago

The latest update runs pretty fast and stable, if some apps crash, the apps need an update! For the poor G900H owners, Android 5.0 don´t support Exynos CPU´s atm … don´t expect an update so soon.
The latest g900F Android 5.0 runs so fine it will be the version for all EU regions, i´m sure …

modar zakaria
2 years 4 months ago

my phone g900f-xeo
I received last update for “lollipop 5″ …
does not have a “smart scroll” service … with the knowledge that they were present in the android 4.4.2. Thank you

2 years 4 months ago

When will arrive android 5.0 for Samsung galaxy s5 sm-g900f in egypt ????

2 years 4 months ago

When will arrive 5.0 update for SM-G900FD ??

2 years 4 months ago

Samsung!listen?why dont answer?