Samsung’s intinerary for CES 2015 now out

Some of the biggest exhibits take place at the yearly CES in Las Vegas. Companies new and established make use of the platform to talk about, and show off their latest and greatest products. Following Sony, Samsung has now made its schedule for the annual trade show official. It’s pegged to start 5th January, so we’re a month away from witnessing what Samsung has planned. At 2p.m. on the same day (i.e., January 5th), Samsung will hold a press conference, after which the CEO and President of Samsung Electronics, BK Yoon will take stage at 6:30p.m.

We’ve had leaks and rumours galore around quite a few Samsung devices, so expecting the company to launch a device or two won’t be far-fetched. Meanwhile, there’ll be Sony holding its presentation at 5p.m. same day, so there’s going to be quite a lot to look forward to for the everyday technology enthusiast!


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