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Exclusive: Samsung’s first low-end Tizen phone will have 3.2MP camera, dual SIM slots, run Tizen 2.3


Last updated: September 26th, 2014 at 10:22 UTC+02:00

After months of delays, Samsung officially announced the Samsung Z, the first commercial Tizen-powered smartphone, back in June this year. However, the Samsung Z has still not made it to markets, and rumors have hinted that Samsung plans to ditch the Z and focus on launching low-end handsets given the explosive growth the budget smartphone segment has seen in recent months. There has also been a rumor that said Samsung is planning to launch a low-cost Tizen phone in India by November, and thanks to our sources, we now have some details on the first low-end Tizen phone that Samsung is planning on bringing to market.

Based on the information we’ve received, the device will be as low-end as it gets. It will have dual SIM slots and an FM radio, two features that are very popular in emerging markets (like India), and a low-resolution (3.2-megapixel) rear camera; as for the software, the device (SM-Z130H) will be running Tizen 2.3, though that can change by the time it becomes available for purchase. For any new OS, the number of popular apps it has available is an important aspect, and we can confirm that both Twitter and Facebook will be making official apps for Tizen and making it available on the upcoming device. Of course, that doesn’t mean we will see a lot of popular apps make its way to Tizen in a short span of time, but having two of the most popular social network apps will certainly help.

As with any new mobile OS, making a mark on a market dominated by Android and iOS is a difficult thing. However, as Windows Phone and devices like the Nokia Lumia 520 have shown, there is enough space for different players in the budget smartphone market, so it’s not at all surprising it’s the market Samsung has decided to focus on. As always, none of this information is fully official and can change in the coming weeks and months, though you can rest assured we will be sharing any new details that we come across.

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