Samsung releases infographic to tout Galaxy Alpha’s ‘standard-setting’ design

With the Galaxy Alpha making headlines everywhere for its attractive metallic design, Samsung is taking a chance to explain just how the Galaxy Alpha “sets a new standard for smartphone design,” following an infographic that went into detail about how the phone’s metallic frame is constructed. The new infographic talks of the overall design – how the sides of the phone are diamond cut, how it has a solid grip with its mix of metal and a soft texture, and some general stuff like the different colors the phone is available in. It’s basically another infographic showing how Samsung is proud of what it has created with the Galaxy Alpha, even though it was all a bit too late, especially for a manufacturer with so many resources at its disposal.

Check out the infographic below.




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So how does this perform compared to the iphone 6? I know most comparisons are c=probably comparing the S5 to ip6, but I get the feeling this phone is closer aimed at the same market than the S5, plus it’s the newer phone.

Luis Pascual
Luis Pascual

Packing a new Exynos Octa-core 5430 and the same Mali T628 MP6 that is present on the n900 model (exynos variant) of the Galaxy Note 3 (I have this Note 3, not sure if same clock speed on GPU, but same model). The Galaxy Alpha is more powerful than the older S5, I believe, maybe not packing other nice stuff like a better camera but surely a powerful device that looks nice and discrete by its size. Running a 720p HD screen, gives it an advantage, should be a decent rival. If buying a phone, nice choice, but take a… Read more »