The all new My KNOX app makes mixing business and pleasure even easier

Approximately two months ago, Samsung was making news with its KNOX security software. Specifically, Samsung announced that certain components of KNOX would be incorporated directly into the upcoming Android L release. The Korean company emphasized that it would continue to develop the software, and has now released the My KNOX app targeted at individuals who use their personal phones as their work phones. KNOX Premium and KNOX Express – additional mobile security software products aimed at IT managers – were also refreshed and promoted.

My KNOX – as the video below will show – is designed for those who use one phone for all of their needs, When those needs include sensitive work-related materials, My KNOX is able to securely maintain that content on your phone, by way of encryption and verification. An additional feature worth highlighting is a remote lock and wipe option for the unfortunate event in which you’ve lost your smartphone. Now, the My KNOX app is currently only compatible with the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 4, but we’d have to imagine that future updates will change that. Take a look below for a more visual understanding of how MY KNOX might fit your needs. You can download it here.


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