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According to a report from Korea Times, Samsung might display their first ‘Quantum Dot’ TVs at IFA 2014. A quantum dot is made up of semiconductor material and is 10,000 times finer than a human hair. It can convert electrical energy into light and accurate colors, resulting into better colors and wider viewing angles. Samsung has already registered the term ‘QDOT’ with the United States Patents and Trademark Office on Wednesday.

An executive at a top-tier local display supplier at Samsung said, “Samsung Electronics may release a prototype of quantum dots (QD) TV at the IFA fair to show off its fine-tuned TV technology. Samsung has always wanted to differentiate itself from its competition by steadily releasing new products.

Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung is reportedly prepared to supply QD display panels to Samsung when requested. It is still unclear whether these panels are 4K or not. Even though Samsung and LG had displayed OLED TVs earlier, Samsung might be backing off from the OLED TV market to focus in QD TVs.

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Time to see the next-gen Screen Displays! Only from Samsung! 🙂