Galaxy Note 4 wrap-up and expectations

For some of us here at SamMobile, the words “Unpacked Episode 2” invoke more joy than do “birthday”, “Christmas”, or pretty much any other celebration one can think of. And with good reason; the Note series is largely hailed as the ultimate device for those who demand a lot from their phone. That said, we are only hours away from the unveiling and besides a few SamMobile exclusives – such as the default background – we are still largely unsure about what we will see revealed on-stage. There have been countless leaks and numerous credible reports, so leave it to us to sort through it below.

Starting with technical specifications seems wise, considering these tend to be expected upgrades rather than drastic changes. With that, the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to feature a QHD Super AMOLED 5.7in display which translates to a pixel density of 515ppi given the 2560×1440 resolution. Two variants are anticipated, one running the octa-core Exynos 5433 processor and one running the quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor. This is accompanied by 3GB of RAM and at least 32GB of internal storage. The Galaxy Note 4 is not expected to feature Android L, but instead operate on KitKat 4.4.4. Some rumors have claimed that the handset will feature 4GB of RAM and will debut a 64-bit processor, but these seem a little too far fetched to mention in good conscience.

Moving on to the camera – about which you can read a more comprehensive insight here – we should see the device pack a 16-megapixel Sony camera sensor on the back with optical image stabilization. Up front, users should be in for a pleasant surprise; multiple reports claim that the front-facing camera will employ a 3.7-megapixel sensor – very nearly doubling the current standard of 2.1-megapixels. In addition to the admirable hardware, Samsung seems to be working on software that will make capturing pictures easier and faster. All in all, the camera department of the Note series looks to remain as one of the best.


Handwriting recognition is expected to be one of the other areas of focus with the Galaxy Note 4, and our analysis of the press invite tried to figure out what that might be. Whether handwriting plays into security or navigation or something else entirely, we are pretty confident that the S Pen is about to become even more functional (if you can believe it). The device will carry an improved fingerprint scanner, but a similar one to that of the S5. A hear rate sensor is also expected to be retained within the rear camera’s flash unit. Another interesting feature worth mentioning is an Ultraviolet sensor. A few weeks ago, SamMobile delivered an exclusive explanation of what this feature would do, but essentially it is meant to advise the user on the severity of the sun’s rays.


As for the design, we are even more speculative than with anything else; Samsung has kept the aesthetics of the Galaxy Note 4 tightly under wraps. Many reports suggest that the phablet will feature a design language similar to that of the newly announced Galaxy Alpha. This would be more or less in line with what alleged photos showed in days prior, seen below.


In addition to the phone, Samsung is known to launch several “accessory” devices such as last years Galaxy Gear smartwatch. This years event is rumored to deploy a plethora of similar devices, not least exciting of which is the Gear VR. This is Samsung’s virtual reality headset that is expected to work with the Galaxy Note 4. A Gear 3 smartwatch has also been whispered about, but is less likely. However, the Gear S and perhaps a circular-faced smartwatch are likely to make IFA 2014 debuts.


It wouldn’t be unusual if new information surfaced in the time between now and the official announcement, so we’ll be sure to bring you any thing that develops. The Galaxy Note 4 launch will take place September 3rd and will livestream at the following link.



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So good4me


Really hope the Note 4 has an NFC chip capable of tap and pay with Google Wallet. When are Google going to roll this out to countries outside the US?


Please provide an exchange offer for Note 3 users Samsung!


i want note 4