Samsung sells more LTE phones than Apple in Q2 2014

There were some reports that the Galaxy S5 didn’t live up to Samsung’s expectations in terms of sales but according to a report from Strategy Analytics, Samsung was able to sell more LTE phones than Apple, thanks to the Galaxy S5. According to this report, Samsung sold over 28.6 million LTE equipped smartphones, overtaking Apple as the world’s largest LTE smartphone vendor. During Q1 2014, Apple was the leading LTE smartphone vendor with a market share of 40.5 percent which fell to just 31.9 percent last quarter, though this might be due to iPhone consumers holding off their purchases till the launch of the iPhone 6, which is expected to feature a larger 4.7-inch screen and a new product design.

Unlike Apple which sells only high-end smartphones, Samsung has a wide range of smartphones and tablets with 4G connectivity including the Galaxy Core Lite which is priced as low as $300. Most of these 4G LTE equipped devices from Samsung are usually limited to US, European and Korean markets but they have recently started expanding their availability to other countries such as India and China. Samsung had recently announced the Galaxy S5 4G for India in direct competition with the iPhone 5S, though, the device is still unavailable for purchase. Samsung is also expected to unveil 4G equipped Galaxy Note 4 during its Unpacked event at IFA 2014 in Berlin.

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2 years 8 months ago

Samsung must focus on ALPHA brand which will be the top seller next months. Just add: SDCARD, 1080 resolution, BACK ALUMINION on the rear of the device, better battery and 8 megapixels front camera. With this, you have the TOP seller device worldwide for next 2 years.

2 years 8 months ago

my point is that if Samsung release faster update for kitkat/ to kitkat for mid range/low end device instead new ones . then there will be no one to defeat Samsung.
Samsung is slow on their updates. instead of updating their present phones they release new ones with almost identical specs.

2 years 7 months ago

As nice as it is to get fast updates, 90% of users don’t care about updates. In my experience, even if they knew about an update, they won’t even do it.

2 years 7 months ago

Well yeah, they ARE in the market to sell NEW products. That’s kind of the point.

Samsung releases so many devices, across so many markets and carriers, there is no way they can keep that entire base up to date with each new Android update. That’s why they are going to focus on the flagship and upper mid-tier devices, while leaving the low end out in the cold. Any expectation otherwise is a bit absurd.

2 years 8 months ago

sorry for my bad English and some mistaken words. i wrote if very fast.