Samsung patents various device designs resembling existing phones

We regularly see Samsung get awarded patents and trademarks for upcoming products, and the latest slew of patents attained by the company reveal multiple device designs, some of which resemble those seen on existing phones from other manufacturers. Discovered by PhoneArena, the patents reveal a device with a curved display that could be the successor to the Galaxy Round, a smartwatch with a round design like the Moto 360 (which we’ve seen in the past as well), a phone that seems to dock into a tablet like ASUS’ Padfone series of smartphones, and even a device with a circular home button, a la Apple’s iPhone.

Two other patents also show a device with two stripes on the back, and one that looks like Samsung’s existing low-end phones, but with an elliptical home button. As usual, these patents don’t mean that we will actually see devices with those designs actually come to market in the future, but it’s an interesting look at how Samsung keeps trying all form factors, even though they might stick to the same one across most of their commercially available devices.

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2 years 8 months ago

Can’t any of the so called Tech writers actually read the truth? New law states it’s a “Date of First to File” that wins in court. When a patent is Granted, that means that company OWNS that Patent and can Legally SUE the PANTS OFF ALL THEIR COMPETITION and WIN!!! …..look at date of filing, not the patent grant dummies! Which means they OWN IT…. if it’s been GRANTED NATURALLY!!! lol….

2 years 8 months ago

So the truth comes out. Apple Copied Samsung, Sony and LG. Since it’s an American company, Apple was granted rights to everyone elses inventions and patents. Fuk APple.

2 years 8 months ago

Apple routinely gets patents granted even faster than other American companies like Google. Who had search patents filed well prior to Apple’s first filing dates. If Google’s first search patents ever get granted, they’ll win in court against Apple. Samsung can now SUE Apple since these are all LEGALLY GRANTED NOW!!! ahahaha… even this writer doesn’t realize that! lol…. It means a particular patent filed for has been legitimized!

2 years 8 months ago

Iphone patent in 4th Patent lol?

Padphone in pic 3??

2 years 8 months ago

I can’t believe this fool writer and you never realized that almost all of these patents were applied for as far back a 2005 and only now being granted here by the USPTO. How insanely ridiculous is that? The patent for the round button prototype phone was submitted in 2006 prior to iPhone 5 only being announced. It’s seems all Apple has to do is wait around and sniff out Samsung’s patent applications, apply and they get granted within 30days. Sometimes even sooner. Some Apple patents have been granted within a few days. Before it was even possible to check out prior art! USPTO is JOKE!!!

That artwork was presented to the court in the first hearing and got improperly rejecked for being a few days late. What a crock of Bull that was. You’re dealing with a foreign company not sure of how the American legal system works! …..and that’s why all Apple’s Copyist wins will be rejected on appeal. The judge was acting totally improper by taking the that clown of a Magistrate’s advice. Also look up Samsung SGH-Z610. It was out in January 2006 at a Korean tech show. It had the first single physical round Home button on a 3.5″ touchscreen smartphone, with two first ever capacitive buttons on either side!

The other patent you spoke of also was applied for well be for Padphone ever came out too. Look at Application dates….. not the date granted after the slower than molasses in January USPTO has taken years to grant them. Google even still has patents pending after 10 yrs waiting to be approved. Seems on CrApple gets preferential treatment in America!