Samsung reports 59 Chinese suppliers failed to meet safety standards

In a sustainability report yesterday Samsung revealed that 59 component suppliers based in China failed to meet safety standards. The company has been on a mission to improve labor standards across its entire supply chain but some of the suppliers aren’t providing adequate safety equipment for workers at the plants. The report also mentioned that no child labor was being employed by the suppliers and most of the do not comply with China’s legally permitted overtime hours.

Companies like Samsung and Apple are often criticized for labor violations in the supply chain. Both companies have been auditing suppliers to ensure that environmental impact is reduced, use of conflict materials is avoided and a safe working environment is created at the plants.

The company added in yesterday’s report that this year an inspection checklist will be fully implemented to gauge compliance by suppliers, and that Samsung would expand monitoring in other areas as well, including Southeast Asia.

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3 years 26 days ago

We need robots/androids to replace current labourers, since we suffer the brutality of harsh labour work in factories.