Rumor: Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition sighting in the midst of Google I/O 2014

Yesterday Google held its annual developers’ conference – I/O 2014 – and revealed many details regarding its Android “L” release, Material Design, Android Wear, and a slew of other exciting categories. However, an interesting piece of information reared its head on the official android website this afternoon. Touting the benefits of owning an Android device, one of the images contains within it a Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition phone.

It appears on the website sans-TouchWiz and looks very similar to the images that were leaked in recent weeks. Similar especially when referring to the odd command keys that appear on the screen in addition to the physical capacitative buttons at the bottom of the device itself. It can only be assumed that the actual Galaxy S5 GPE phone will have a much more practical layout, but the appearance on the website nonetheless provides reassurance that Samsung’s newest flagship might soon be running stock Android.




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Still doesn’t make sense with the on-screen buttons though.

Daniel van D.
Daniel van D.

I’d absolutely love to have this one!