Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition teased on the Play Store

Samsung and Google might soon offer the Google Play Edition of the Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 was briefly spotted on the Google Play Edition devices page, but not under its own name. The Galaxy S4 on the page featured a rendered image of the Galaxy S5 with a stock Android UI. The rendered image (which has since been taken down) is likely a work in progress considering that it featured software as well as hardware navigation buttons. The Galaxy S4 page now lists the correct thumbnail, but it is likely that the Galaxy S5 will make its way onto the page soon.

It isn’t clear whether the launch of the Google Play Edition of the Galaxy S5 will mean that the GPe Galaxy S4 won’t be available. Samsung might do what HTC has done and offer both handsets. We’ve included the cached images of the Galaxy S5 GPe edition below. Would anyone be interested in picking this up if it does launch?




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2 years 9 months ago

Hell yeah I would! I’m going to buy the S5 off-contract soon, but right now I’m waiting to see if/when the Galaxy F/Prime comes out… But if that doesn’t come out I’ll be getting the GPE if it comes out.

2 years 11 months ago

They changed the thumbnail. It is the Galaxy S4 now.

2 years 11 months ago

These Google Play Edition phones are the dumbest idea ever. Only a fool would pay more money for less phone. The software enhancements are in the device for a reason and stock Android is boring.

I just don’t understand it … But if people are buying them then they must serve a purpose.

2 years 11 months ago

Are you joking ? Especially after the …. knox the only reason for me to buy a Samsung phone again is the Google edition phones.

2 years 11 months ago

Good software buttons. Does S5 have it? :D:D

2 years 11 months ago


2 years 11 months ago

In the image it written Samsung galaxy S4 !!!!

2 years 11 months ago

common sense, its just listed the current google editions.