Report: Apple and Samsung working on making peace, settling disputes

Are Apple and Samsung getting closer to burying the hatchet and putting all the court battles and lawsuits behind them? As improbable as it may sound, recent developments are certainly pointing to signs that the two mobile giants are ready to shake hands and move on. Both companies were recently rumored to have dropped all cross-appeals filed with the ITC in the first major lawsuit that saw Samsung devices get banned over infringing two Apple patents, and now, the Korean media is citing industry sources as saying that Apple and Samsung are trying to find a common ground and looking at “trimming down the number of disputed issues.”

Reportedly, Samsung’s recent launch of its Galaxy Tab S tablets with Super AMOLED displays is an indication “that Samsung can manage OLED displays to be used in almost all wearable devices, a segment that Apple is greatly interested in.” This has raised speculation that Apple might be thinking of releasing wearable devices with AMOLED displays, though it remains to be seen whether that will actually happen, as Apple has been rather vocal in its stand that LCD displays offer a better experience overall thanks to factors such as better real-life color reproduction.

Well, one can only hope that even if we don’t see an OLED display on Apple’s upcoming iWatch, we can at least look forward to the two companies seeing some sense in settling any disputes outside court and focusing their financial might on bringing some innovation to the extremely stale mobile industry.

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2 years 9 months ago

In the eyes of the church of Apple the iwatch will be a great “invention/innovation” by Apple, the first of it’s kind etc., etc., but I think they’ll be to wrapped up in IOS gingerbread … oops IOS8 to notice.
It’s about time Apple backed down as their silliest patents are being nullified all over the place.
On the plus side Tim Cook is not the fearsome corporate bully Steve Job’s was and is beginning to realise starting to open up IOS is a good idea.
Unfortunately until they sort the security out is giving developers access to the finger scanner really a good idea ???
Anywhoo [/rant] I hope both parties meet a truce and battle it out in the market place, as it should be.

2 years 10 months ago

I hope Samsung doesn’t wimp out on this whole battle. Apple deserves every negative thing that can happen to them. In fact with Galaxy S tablet series, Samsung is showing that they meant what they said about selling more tablets than any other competitor. No doubt with iPad sales continuing to decline, people aren’t so sure Apple is doing that great in the tablet market. Galaxy Notes are so much better and even on cheap NextWorth they’ll give you only $220 to $230 for an iPhone 5s and $270 to $290 for like model Galaxy Note 3!

That should tell you how much more valuable Galaxy Note is to people over iPhones on resale!

Can’t wait to see how crappy iWatch will be and how Samsung will obliterate them in Health and Fitness! Samsung has all firepower they need for the future to force Apple to cry uncle. Hope they stick to their guns and refuse to compromise with these Apple Fascists!!!

2 years 10 months ago

The latest version of IOS is basically a Android / Windows fusion. They now can perform multi tasking (even though Apple fans were claiming multi tasking was stupid), IOS can now have Widgets (even though Apples fans said widgets was stupid and a waste of memory). IOS even copied the Android shortcuts and drop down menu (even though Apple fans claimed it was stupid and simple icons were better). LOL

Now, Apple has their own version of a fitness app which is basically a RIP OFF of Samsungs Fit.

Apple now wants to use Samsung curved displays for it’s iWatch. Etc etc. Basically, Apples wants to do whatever it wants while it sues everyone else for doing what they have been doing for years way before Apple.

2 years 10 months ago

You are absolutely right, Apple has sued the arse of everyone for daring to emulate a handful of their iphone ‘features’ when all along are blatantly copying Android and Windows long standing innovations. They are so blatant.

Apple is a Trojan Horse and once it has regained trust with Samsung and others for its own arrogant selfish needs it will turn nasty and bite them once again.

Samsung should agree to bury the hatchet and then turn their backs and walk away from any ‘deal’ regarding manufacture and supply to them.

2 years 10 months ago

Abso…. F***** lutely! Apple is a born predator and once you let them up, they’ll be right back trying to spread all their RDF FUD and misinformation on you to KILL YOU!!!

They betrayed IBM, Adobe, Google, Xerox, Intel, you name it… they’ve always been Greedy, Arrogant, Ignorant Bosstards! They even burn their own 3rd party developers without blinking an eye. Open Source Community knows exactly what it feels like to be burnt by Apple for sure!!!

2 years 10 months ago

Galaxy tab with ios. Ativ book with osx. yeah just joke.

2 years 10 months ago

No, they won’t co-operate as usual.