Samsung Galaxy S5 gets free pick up and drop care service in India

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Samsung is now offering free pick-up and drop care service for Galaxy S5 users in India. Users can call 180030008282 or 18002668282 to initiate a free service pick-up from home. Samsung will also provide a premium standby smartphone to the user during the service period. They are also offering one time screen replacement offer for just INR 990 via any of their authorised service centres across the country.

The Galaxy S5 did not get positive response from Indian consumers due to its high price tag. So Samsung started sugar-coating the Galaxy S5 with various deals, offers and even huge price drops. Under the buyback scheme for Galaxy S5, users can exchange their existing smartphones for an eligible discount of INR 10,000. But one can buy the device at the same discounted price from various physical and online stores without the need to exchange their device. Right now, the Galaxy S5 stands as the cheapest flagship Android smartphone of 2014. After the recent price drop, the Galaxy S5 is being sold for around INR 38,000 on various online stores in India. Whereas, the HTC One M8 is priced at INR 45,000 and the Sony Xperia Z2 is being sold for INR 44,500.

This is usually the case with Samsung flagship smartphones every year. They manage to ship their devices ahead of their competitors. And by the time their competitors reach the store shelves, Samsung drops the price by quite a margin and manages to attract a lot of users.


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