Samsung’s Galaxy Tab4 NOOK tablet is aimed at reading fans

Samsung has announced that it is partnering with Barnes and Nobles to create a special edition of the Galaxy Tab4, called the Galaxy Tab4 NOOK, aimed at those who love to read. Books are something that have never been big in Samsung’s content ecosystem, and it looks like the company is taking the easy way by combining Barnes and Noble’s expansive digital collection of more than three million books, magazines, and newspapers with its own tablet. The Galaxy Tab4 NOOK will be equipped with a custom version of the NOOK reading software, while running on the same hardware as the one on the standard 7-inch Galaxy Tab4.

The Galaxy Tab4 NOOK is expected to be launched in the US in early August, where it will be sold in both Samsung and Barnes and Noble’s retail stores, alongside the latter’s in-house NOOK e-book readers. The tablet deal should be a good channel for Barnes and Noble to better compete with bigger players like Amazon, though whether the Galaxy Tab4 NOOK will make it to markets outside the US anytime soon remains to be seen.


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