T-Mobile halts Galaxy S5 update due to issue that causes lower data speeds

Wondering why that recent update that started rolling out to the T-Mobile Galaxy S5 isn’t showing up on your phone? Well, it’s because the rollout has been halted by the carrier, as the update, while fixing an SMS issue that users were facing, has reportedly introduced a new problem. T-Mobile isn’t offering details, but according to user reports on the XDA forums, some devices are seeing decreased data speeds and poorer LTE coverage after installing the update, with download speeds going as low as 1MB. Not everyone is having the issue, but apparently enough users are affected as to make T-Mobile stop the update’s rollout in its tracks.

There’s no telling when the rollout will resume, though as always, we’ll let you know when it does. It’s hopefully not too long before the problem gets fixed, as slow internet speeds are one of those things that can really put people off.

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2 years 11 months ago

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2 years 11 months ago

2 mbps down 28.65 mbps up t mobile lte after upgrading to the new software