Samsung to launch Project Glued video rental service in Asia

After launching the oddly named Milk Music radio streaming service earlier this year, Samsung is back with another abnormally titled project. This time, it’s Project Glued, a video rental service that will be launching later this year in Asia. It will offer customers in Asia to stream US and UK-based TV shows in HD, and will debut in Singapore and Philippines sometime in the next quarter. As usual, there will be a dedicated app for Samsung’s Galaxy phones and tablets, and consumers will also be able to stream videos over the web.

For one season of a TV show, users will need to shell out $6.50 each month, with the first episode of each series offered for free. Every episode will also be available for downloading, and you will also be able to share entire seasons with up to six friends for 24 hours. With Asia bereft of video services like Netflix and Hulu that are popular in the US and Europe, Samsung’s Project Glued could find a huge target audience looking to access US and UK TV shows, and will likely be the replacement video service once Samsung gets around to killing off Samsung Hub.


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