Samsung’s JK Shin confirms strong Galaxy S5 sales

Samsung has seen a slowdown in its smartphone business since early this year, but that trend could soon see a reversal thanks to the Galaxy S5. According to JK Shin, Samsung Mobile’s CEO, the company’s latest flagship has been off to a great start in the market, and has sold 11 million units since its worldwide launch on April 11. It’s doing 10 percent better than the Galaxy S4 did last year, though we’re guessing Shin actually meant shipments instead of sales, as the manufacturer announced that 10 million Galaxy S5′s have been shipped a couple of days ago.

Shin also mentioned that the strong Galaxy S5 sales should result in improved profit margins and increase Samsung’s market share in the current quarter, which shouldn’t come as surprising as the first couple of months after a flagship’s launch are usually good for the company than other times of the year. He also accepted that the Galaxy S5 “may not have eye-popping technology,” but said that the features are instead more practical, though we’ll probably see enough eye-popping stuff with the upcoming Galaxy S5 Prime.

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2 years 11 months ago

And because of the good sales, we feel happy because we have made lots of money. More than we ever can spend. But we need more……we are greedy persons you know…

And NOOO we don’t give all those S3 buyers KitKat. They bought it already…so let them.


2 years 11 months ago

GS5, focusing on features that we all know already.

Note 4, focusing on performance & Multi-tasking.

GS5 ‘PRIME’ (Could be GS6 or Note 4), no leaks so far from Samsung mobile, but could be an ideal device that competes with other high-end smartphones, in terms of Software, Hardware & Innovation.

2 years 11 months ago

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2 years 11 months ago

Still waiting for the 32GB version.