Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone to make its debut in Russia next month

After months of uncertainty, Samsung announced that it would launch its first Tizen-based handset later this quarter. The manufacturer has not mentioned what markets the device would be available in, but has alluded to the fact that it would be sold in regions where its Android offerings do not have a significant reach. While that does not tell us much as to when the device would launch, TizenIndonesia claims that Samsung’s first Tizen handset will be unveiled in the month of May in Russia, followed by Brazil and other emerging markets. The blog mentions that Samsung is currently working on the launch event for the handset.

Late last month, Yoon Han-kil, senior vice president of Samsung’s product strategy mention in an interview with Reuters that Samsung would launch two Tizen-based handsets this quarter. The first device (which will feature the model number SM-Z9005) would be similar in design to the Galaxy S4 and will be a high-end offering, and the second handset will be targeted at the mid-range segment. What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in seeing a Tizen-based handset from Samsung? Let us know below.


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2 years 11 months ago

I definitely will be looking forward to a Tizen based handset.After spending time with the Gear 2,Tizen will be a welcome addition.I already use Linux,particularly Zorin OS 8 on my PC,so Tizen will be perfect.We see a sliver of it on the PRO tablets and maybe on PCs later on down the line

Joselio Mapelli
2 years 11 months ago

Queria muito sim. Estou ansioso por este lançamento.