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The Galaxy S5 not only has new hardware like a finger scanner and a heart rate sensor, but also comes with better accessibility features. Samsung has finally decided to reduce the amount of bloatware on its premium handsets with the Galaxy S5, and has instead focused on offering utilities that are of value to users on a daily basis. As such, the Galaxy S5 comes with a TalkBack feature that provides spoken instructions to individuals who have low vision or cannot see.  While TalkBack is available in all Android devices, Samsung has added a few features to extend its functionality. For instance, if a user has to take a photo with the Galaxy S5 and has TalkBack enabled, the voice-guided assistant will tell the user whether the subject is in focus and can guide a user to better utilize all the features available in the camera sensor.

Visually impaired individuals can switch off the screen entirely and still use the device through a setting called Dark Screen. The Galaxy S5 also comes with seven different font sizes, making it easier for users to read the font in a size that is comfortable to them. Users can also set their color preferences in the screen settings, which allows for better readability.  For users with hearing disabilities, the Galaxy S5 has a Baby Crying Detector that notifies users through a series of vibrations. The service can also notify users via the Gear smartwatch.

In addition, the Galaxy S5 comes with a flash notification mode that switches on the camera flash to notify users of incoming notifications. An Auto Haptic function allows users to switch on additional feedback via vibrations for media, music and video game content. Physically challenged users can access assistive menus and gesture-based controls to navigate the device. The accessibility features can be easily enabled by pressing down on the Home button three times from any screen.




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3 years 8 months ago

Baby crying detector is not informing on Gear 2, neither on Gear Fit. This funtion is vibrating phone only

3 years 8 months ago

I reckon that Samsung added too much icons in the settings menu. Don’t you think so?