Ting is offering the Galaxy S5 for $597

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The Galaxy S5 is available at all major carriers around the world, but an unlocked version will set you back at least $699. However, prepaid carrier Ting is offering the Galaxy S5 for just $597. Ting is a MVNO that utilises Sprint’s bandwidth. The carrier offers affordable plans for users that do not require too much mobile data. Ting is currently offering only the black color variant of the Galaxy S5, and if you order the device now, it will ship by May 5. At $597 unlocked, the Galaxy S5 is a great buy, considering that the handset has launched less than a week ago.

Ting’s Galaxy S5 is the 16 GB version that runs on the CDMA 800/1900 band. The website erroneously lists the battery as a 2100 mAh variant, whereas the actual battery size on the Galaxy S5 is 2800 mAh.



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