Samsung files a trademark for ‘Gear Solo’ and ‘Gear Now’ in the US

Earlier this month, we discovered that the 3G-enabled version of the Gear 2 smartwatch would likely be called the Gear Solo. A recent trademark filing by Samsung for the “Samsung Gear Solo” name confirms this rumor. The Gear Solo is said to feature a SIM card slot and come with the ability to make phone calls all by itself. One of the main issues when designing a wearable device with a SIM card slot is battery drain. A cellular radio has to constantly search for a signal, and while this is not a major issue on smartphones as they come with batteries in excess of 2000 mAh, it becomes a concern on a device with a 315 mAh battery, like the Gear 2.

It is unclear whether the Gear Solo smartwatch will also provide native 3G connectivity in addition to calling facility. In addition to the Gear Solo, Samsung has also trademarked the “Samsung Gear Now” name in the US. This name will likely be for a future wearable device. What are your thoughts on the Gear Solo? What kind of features would you want in a smartwatch that has a SIM card slot? Let us know in the comments.


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