Samsung releases new Galaxy S5 ad, and one to mock the iPad

With the Galaxy S5 set to go on launch globally starting tomorrow, Samsung is naturally looking at ramping up interest in its latest flagship. Towards that end, the Korean manufacturer has released a new TV ad for the Galaxy S5. It’s not as creative as the usual Samsung commercials, and mainly focuses on showcasing the device from every angle and talking about its feature highlights, like the 16MP camera, heart rate sensor, or the 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display. It’s “meaningful innovation” according to Samsung, and we’re sure to see it being flaunted in more interesting commercials in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, in tablet land, Samsung has released a new ad in its recent campaign about its new Galaxy TabPRO and Galaxy NotePRO tablets – while earlier videos mocked the entire tablet competition, the new one focuses on going after the iPad, highlighting the multiple login feature found on the company’s tablets – to be fair, it’s not a good comparison, considering it’s a feature Android itself has boasted since Android 4.2 and isn’t something conjured by Samsung on its own.

Go ahead and hit the Play button in the videos below.

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