Samsung was obsessed with beating Apple in 2011, internal documents reveal

The second court trial between Samsung and Apple recently revealed that the iPhone maker was under pressure from the Korean manufacturer thanks to the latter’s “Next Big Thing” ad campaign, and now, internal Samsung documents have revealed that the ad campaign was merely a small part of its focus on beating Apple anyway it could, back in 2011. The documents state that “everything must be in context of beating Apple” was the mantra over at Samsung, and the company wanted to bring a change to things like consumers walking into stores and asking for an iPhone instead of other brands/devices.

It was around this time that Samsung decided to make Galaxy a major brand by rolling out more and more high-end and mid-tier Galaxy smartphones, the reason why everyone has a hard time keeping track of the countless Galaxy phones Samsung has in its lineup. A focus on more intense marketing and carriers is also stated, and all in all, the documents are a pretty good look at the moves Samsung made to reach the position it is in today in the smartphone world, being the only manufacturer that has been able to give Apple (and the iPhone) a run for its money.

Check out the full court files here.



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