Gear 2 Neo might not work with Galaxy Note 3 right now, unofficial fixes can help

The Gear 2 Neo, one of the three new wearable devices launched by Samsung, is supposed to work with both existing and upcoming Samsung devices, including the Galaxy Note 3. However, for early adopters who bought one before its global launch, it seems the Gear 2 Neo isn’t connecting with the Galaxy Note 3. The problem seems to be with the Gear Manager app currently available for the Note 3 – Samsung is expected to release a new Gear Manager app for existing devices on April 11, the launch day for the Galaxy S5 and Gear 2/Gear 2 Neo, but for now, the Gear 2 Neo is failing to connect with Samsung latest Galaxy Note flagship.

However, as the folks over at Tizen Experts point out, there are currently a couple of unofficial fixes available that enable the Gear 2 Neo to work with the Galaxy Note 3. One of those involves downloading a leaked version of the Gear Manager app and using that for pairing up the two devices, while the other is a more complex method that requires a rooted phone. In either case, your Gear 2 Neo should start working with the Galaxy Note 3 until the official fix/update arrives from Samsung, so go ahead and visit the source link for detailed instructions on both methods.


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