Samsung explains how Galaxy S5′s Super AMOLED display is the best yet

That the Galaxy S5′s display is the best the Korean manufacturer has ever put on a smartphone is something that has already been confirmed by the experts at DisplayMate, who went into detail about how the Super AMOLED display on the S5 improves on previous Samsung displays in almost every aspect. Now, Samsung Display has come up with an official post confirming DisplayMate’s findings, while offering explanations of its own about the features of Galaxy S5′s display.

The biggest achievement for the Galaxy S5 display is touted to be the high brightness levels – it can attain 698 nits of brightness level when exposed to direct sunlight, making it the brightest OLED display of any smartphone. The display is also coated to reduce its reflectance level, which combines with the high brightness levels to offer great outdoor visibility, something that has been something of a weak spot for the company’s AMOLED panels in the past.

s5-display-3 s5-display-2

Samsung Display also talks about things like the diamond pixel arrangement of the display, and its power efficiency (27 percent more efficient than Full HD LCD displays of the same size). It’s basically another confirmation, this time from the horse’s mouth, that the Galaxy S5 has one of the nicest displays ever seen on a smartphone, and also goes to show how far Samsung’s AMOLED displays have come in a matter of four years.


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3 years 23 days ago

Look forward to see it up close. Still pentile diamond pixel arrangement which is visible up close and disappointed it was not 2k according to rumours, but makes more sense this will be introduced in incremental stages with 2k on the Note 4 with its bigger screen, then S6 follows with 2k and then Samsung goes to 4K with Note 5 in 2015 as they already stated they will introduce 2k and 4k smartphone screens in 2014/15.

3 years 20 days ago

No it is not visible, have you looked at them lately? You can’t even see it on the Note 3 which is 387 ppi, how are you going to see the pattern on a 332 ppi device?

3 years 24 days ago

Not even HTC One (M8) can outclass this! :)