Galaxy S5 goes on pre-order in Russia and Romania (updated)

Orange Romania has the Galaxy S5 on pre-order for €249 ($341) on a new two-year contract and €699 ($959) outright. Other sites erroneously mentioned that Orange Russia is listing the device, but we can confirm that it is Orange Romania that has the device on pre-order. That doesn’t mean that the Galaxy S5 has not surfaced in Russia. Samsung’s official Russian site has the device on pre-order for 29900 rubles (€600)($829). There is a difference of more than $100 between Samsung’s version and Orange Romania’s listing, which is strange considering that both are listed as unlocked versions of the Galaxy S5. Orange Romania is selling the Galaxy S5 in black, white and blue variants, with no mention of a gold version. Click here to go to Orange Romania to order the handset. Samsung’s Russian site on the other hand only lists the white and black versions of the device. To pre-order the Galaxy S5 from Samsung Russia, click here.

In addition to the Galaxy S5, Samsung Russia also has a registration form for the Gear line of wearables. The Galaxy S5 on both Samsung Russia and Orange Romania is listed as being available on April 11, which is the official launch date for the handset.

Update: The Galaxy S5 is available for pre-order in Sweden as well as the Netherlands. Both listings show that the device will cost somewhere around $1000.


S5 Russia

S5 Russia 1

S5 Sweden

S5 nl


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3 years 1 month ago

Piece of shit Romania… we are poor and the prices here are over the rooftop, we deserve our idiocracy

3 years 1 month ago

Yes, there is no Orange in Russia

3 years 1 month ago

Well, phones are always overpriced at carrier’s shops (Orange, Vodafone etc.). I got my Galaxy S4 for around 465 EUR in August 2013, but from a guy who God knows how got the phones from Germany. It has no warranty, of course, but I couldn’t care less (I’ve seen how the so-called engineers at Samsung Centre do their job). At that time, I think the Galaxy S4 still was >540 EUR in retail stores.

An even weirder example is this: if you walk into one of Vodafone Romania’s stores you’ll probably see two Galaxy S4′s displayed in the shelf (same version, same colour, same capacity, SAME EXACT PRODUCT). Yet one is ~509 EUR and the other one (1 meter away, on the same freaking shelf) is ~532 EUR (both off-contract). I went up to a rep and asked him “why the hell is the same product listed with two different prices off-contract?”; he answered “one is without contract, the other is contract-less / off-contract”, then he went on to try and cover up the mess and said something like “you can’t buy that one, though (forgot which one he pointed at, but I guess it was the cheaper one)”. So… the phones are displayed in the shelf, with price tags on, but it is still unknown which one is for sale and which is not. How stupid is that?

So… it’s like saying killing is different from murdering. Crazy example, I know, but it’s honestly the only analogy I can come up with, since I just finished watching a crime movie, lol.

I have pre-paid (victory!) and I never buy phones (or anything, for that matter) from retail stores, ESPECIALLY from carrier’s shops. Chances are I can find product X on the Internet for about >10% cheaper. Carriers are so greedy…

3 years 1 month ago

I don’t know why is everyone having so high expectations from Samsung. I don’t see others making a big change in their designs. IPhone looks almost the same since iPhone 4… HTC is exactly the same since HTC one, Sony z1-z2 exactly the same, LG same design. And none of this phones looks better than galaxy line except for HTC one (which is a non battery removable and that’s no good for me).

3 years 1 month ago

It is a shame that every single product arrives here in Romania with almost 50% increased price. In India the S5 price is even lower, 730$. I blame you Samsung! You sell us shitty overpriced products (Made in China, Vietnam, India or simply Made by Samsung?!). I have a Note 2 SHV-E250S korean version which is wow, much more better than a classical Note 2 N7100 made in I don’t know what ghost/pirate ship. Shame on you! And the S5 is a stupid joke in terms of design (just like S4) and just 16GB memory? Even my Note 2 has 32GB and I wouldn’t trade it for a new S5, no sir. Next step for me: Note 3 korean version N900S or Note 4 if it will come with something really new innovations. I don’t need a band aid, a finger sensor button, a water/dust proof and a medical phone. Maybe you designed that model for sick grandparents who rarely know how to use a smartphone anyway, no offence intended.