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Samsung said to be running into issues with fingerprint sensor yields


Last updated: March 3rd, 2014 at 19:55 UTC+02:00

Ever since the rumormill caught wind of the Galaxy S5, one feature that was unfailingly touted was the fingerprint sensor. Samsung was initially said to consider choosing a third party to manufacture the sensor that will be used in the device, but finally decided to make the sensor in-house. The reasoning behind this was that other vendors would not be able to make the sheer number of sensors that would be required for a device like the Galaxy S5, which will likely see sales in the tens of millions before the end of the year.

However, it now looks like Samsung is facing issues of its own when it comes to mass manufacturing the fingerprint sensor. The South Korean manufacturer is said to be in the “embarrassing situation” of having low sensor yields, and as such is looking to form an alliance with a third party vendor. It is claimed that negotiations are underway between Samsung and Crucialtec. In addition to trackpads, Crucialtec is a major manufacturer of fingerprint sensors. It is said that Samsung will manufacture sensors along with Crucialtec to meet the launch deadline for the Galaxy S5.


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