Report: Galaxy S5 to have Full HD display initially, QHD model to follow few months later

All the leaks and rumors in the past few weeks have hinted at the fact that the Galaxy S5 will have two models, with one of them having a standard 1080p display and the other sporting a QHD display with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels (and other premium features such as a metallic build.) Now, the Korean media is reporting that the model with the QHD screen could actually come a few months after the 1080p display variant, owing to issues Samsung is having with optimizing the picture quality on the QHD panel. According to the report, the QHD display will also be a tad smaller at 5.1-inches, compared to the 5.25-inch Full HD display.

The model with the Full HD screen will be the standard variant (reportedly water- and dust-proof), and it will be the one that Samsung will announce at its Unpacked event next Monday at Mobile World Congress. While this is just a rumor, it does gel with the many leaks that have suggested that the North American models of the Galaxy S5 will all come with a 1080p display – some thought it would be a case of the US getting a lesser model, but if the report is accurate, it will simply be a matter of Samsung waiting it out a few months before unleashing a Galaxy S5 variant with a much sharper display than we’ve seen on smartphones before.

Which, by the way, matches yet another rumor about Samsung pricing the Galaxy S5 lower than previous iterations in the popular Galaxy S series – having a QHD display would have made that a rather difficult task, but with the initial model not sporting an ultra-sharp display, it’s a rumor that suddenly doesn’t feel very far-fetched.


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