Leaked Tizen screenshot confirms new interface and icons for Galaxy S5

Fresh on the heels of Samsung’s teaser for the Galaxy S5 event, which revealed the company’s new direction for its software’s interface through flatter icons, a screen taken from Samsung’s upcoming OS Tizen has hit the web, further affirming the fact that Samsung has made drastic changes to app icons in TouchWiz. The Curiosity and Outdoor icons seen in the Unpacked 5 teaser can be seen in the screenshot, and while the screenshot itself has been taken from Tizen, it’s a surefire indication that we’ll be seeing a new interface on the Galaxy S5.

The icons fit well with the expected redesign that Samsung will introduce with the Galaxy S5, with a focus on making the interface flatter and reduce the oft-maligned skeuomorphism that has made TouchWiz one of the most outdated custom UIs in the Android world (in terms of visuals.) Of course, it’s still unclear whether Samsung has done anything to address the optimization issues TouchWiz suffers from, but then again, one step at a time is a philosophy we can always get behind, so here’s hoping at least the UI on the Galaxy S5 is as modern as one would expect from a smartphone in 2014.


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