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Samsung had been reporting some record-breaking results for the past two years but for the first time since 2011, Samsung today reported a decline in their quarterly profit compared to the previous quarter. Samsung recorded a consolidated operating profit of 8.31 trillion won, which is an 18% decline quarter-on-quarter and a net profit of 7.3 trillion won, an 11% decrease.

Samsung’s revenue still hit an all-time high of 59.3 trillion won but a marginal jump from the previous high of 59.1 trillion won.

Samsung attributes the profit decline to the marketing spend and a one-time expense that also includes employee bonuses.

Samsung’s IT & Mobile Communications (IM) division was understandably, the best performing business unit with an operating profit of 5.47 trillion won on a revenue of 33.89 trillion won. The mobile business contributed a whopping 32.17 trillion won.

Going forward this year, Samsung expects to be aggressive in the tablet market and we think Samsung will have to prove a thing or two when they announce their flagship smartphones – Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 later this year.

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3 years 11 months ago
It makes sense that Samsung didn’t do quite as well, just due to not advertising as much. Samsung also shows what true innovation is all about when throwing new ideas out there, and not everything will do well. I expect this to continue going forward. One thing no one can deny is that Samsung is still pushing display technologies forward, and with it, we will see higher resolutions in displays in 2014. The Galaxy Gear didn’t do as well as they hoped for a number of reasons(not enough supporting hardware and really being released before it was really ready), and… Read more »
3 years 11 months ago

treat customers like crap and they will leave 🙂