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Experimental version of Tizen SDK 3.0 available unofficially

Tizen may be running into obstacles and staying away from the consumer market at the moment, but whenever it does make its way to market, developers will be the major force deciding how Samsung’s home-brewed OS does in the extremely competitive mobile operating system landscape. If you’re one of the developers who are already dipping their toes in Tizen, then you can download version 3.0 of Tizen’s SDK, thanks to an unofficial trick revealed by AllAboutSamsung.

At the moment, the new version of the SDK isn’t ready for prime time, with some components still based on older versions of the necessary frameworks, so it’s not recommended that it be used for apps released on the app store. But still, if you want to get an early look at the latest SDK, then you can simply follow the step quoted below.

Install the SDK Manager to download and run -> Advanced -> Package Server -> Configuration -> instead packages / must then latest /

Tizen3_SDK_man Tizen3_SDK_main1 Tizen3_SDK_about

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