Anti-cloning provision might prevent Apple and Samsung’s out-of-court settlement

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Apple and Samsung are slated to enter talks in an attempt to settle their ongoing patent disputes out of court once and for all through licensing, but it looks like a settlement might not be that easy to achieve thanks to an anti-cloning provision that Apple wants to include in any settlement package it offers to the Korean manufacturer. Why? Well, because with an anti-cloning provision, Apple will still be able to sue Samsung despite licensing its technology, if it finds that Samsung has copied the design of any of its products down the line.

Apple’s settlement with HTC back in 2012 included an anti-cloning stipulation, but it’s something Samsung is understandably not looking forward to, as it won’t tie its hands and make it a requirement that any of its future products are carefully designed not to copy an Apple product – Samsung already takes great care to see that it doesn’t happen, but given Apple’s penchant for suing others, it’s a provision the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer wouldn’t be comfortable with, at all. Apple has reportedly not included anti-cloning stipulation in any of its settlement offers just yet, but that could change down the line, and in turn reduce chances of the two companies dialing down their court wars once again.

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4 years 14 hours ago

so according to apple, they can copy others and others can’t copy them because they sues others whenever they want?????
I hate apple!!!!