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Samsung recently announced that it would show off Tizen at MWC in February, and now a report suggests that the first Tizen phones will start coming out in spring, which means we could be able to buy a Tizen smartphone as early as March. According to unnamed sources, there will be an announcement on a release date for the first device before MWC; Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo has confirmed that Tizen smartphones will become available from the end of March, though this is likely a launch time frame only for DoCoMo’s own Japan-exclusive variants, which the carrier is supposedly working on separately from Samsung.

Samsung has missed a lot of rumored time frames for the first Tizen phone, reportedly to make it as good as possible out of the box. However, carriers like NTT DoCoMo have apparently expressed displeasure at the delays, which reportedly prompted Samsung to schedule the first Tizen showcase at MWC next month, along with the fact that competing OS like Firefox and Sailfish are already on the market.


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