Samsung showcases Galaxy Gear integration with the BMW i3 electric car

Samsung has collaborated with BMW to offer owners of BMW’s i3 electric car and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear the ability to control various aspects of the car on their smartwatch, using BMW’s i Remote Application that is installed on a compatible smartphone. When connected with the car, drivers will be able to use the Gear to perform useful functions, such as checking the driving range, status of the windows and doors (whether they’re closed or open), adjusting the car’s interior temperature remotely, and even initiating navigation to a particular address.

Samsung will be showcasing the functionality with a BMW i3, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear at its booth at CES. The company hasn’t mentioned when we expect to see the Gear counterpart of the application make its way to consumers, and for now the CES showcase exists merely to highlight the possibilities of the Gear’s integration with cars and other non-mobile products.

Galaxy Gear and BMW i3_4 Galaxy Gear and BMW i3_3 Galaxy Gear and BMW i3_2 Galaxy Gear and BMW i3_1



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