Samsung develops 1GB LPDDR4 DRAM, hints at 4GB RAM in mobile devices

Fancy a mobile device with 4GB of RAM? It will soon be possible as Samsung has successfully managed to develop an 8Gb (1GB) LPDDR4 RAM meant for mobile devices. Samsung says the newly developed DRAM could easily be integrated in a single package for a high-end mobile device, thus giving a total memory of whopping 4GB.

Samsung’s current breed of smartphones like the Galaxy Note 3 is offered with 3GB of RAM.

The 8Gb LPDDR4 is fabricated on 20-nanometer class process technology and uses Low Voltage Swing Terminated Logic (LVSTL) I/O interface, which was proposed by Samsung to JEDEC and is now a standard for LPDDR4 RAM. Due to this interface the LPDDR4 DRAM for mobile device is capable of achieving a transfer rate of 3200Mbps per pin and if we compare with the prevalent LPDDR3 DRAM, the new chip performs 50 percent better and consumes 40 percent less energy at 1.1 volts.

The new DRAM will also enable faster and more responsive applications and better support for UHD-equipped devices without compromising on the battery life.

This announcement could be a hint to what we can expect in the new Galaxy S5.


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