Samsung: Tizen and Firefox could be powerful allies against Android and iOS

Samsung has big plans for Tizen, the mobile operating system it is jointly developing with Intel, that’s no secret. But, if the words of a Samsung executive are to be believed, those plans might also include the usually unthinkable act of joining forces with a rival operating system. At the Conference for establishing HTML5 Fusion Technique, Wonsuk Lee, Chief Secretary of Samsung, expressed interest in teaming up with Mozilla and bringing Tizen and Firefox OS closer together, due to the support for HTML5 development on both operating systems.

Sure, Firefox OS is a rather tiny rival OS for Samsung, considering the fact it’s aimed at low-end devices, but it would be a rather interesting move for the Korean manufacturer, especially since its looking at making Tizen run great on low-end hardware as well. Samsung believes both Tizen and Firefox could grow to a point where they could compete with iOS and Android, and the common development platform would offer a great boost to the ecosystems of both Tizen and Firefox. It’s a far-fetched idea, and Mozilla would likely want to push on with Firefox on its own, but it’s an idea that would be beneficial for both companies.

What do you guys think? Should Tizen and Firefox join forces, or should Samsung just not bother about the latter?

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